Last week was the release of an interview-style discussion between Paul Walker, Chief Operating Officer at EFT, and Cleo Cosens, Marketing Manager at Pulse Systems. To watch the full interview, scroll to the bottom of this article.  

In 2020, EFT and Pulse Systems partnered together to start developing an all-in-one solution for fire, security, and building automation needs. The interview between Paul Walker and Cleo Cosens explores why the solution was important for both companies to produce, how it will affect the industry, what features are included, and what you need to know about this solution if you are interested in learning more. 

“The approach is really working where the technology knowledge of Pulse is fantastic coupled with our industry knowledge and our customer experience knowledge and by combining that, the products have been born through our combined efforts”  

Paul Walker, Chief Operating Officer at E.F.T.  

The cloud-connected fire alarm created through the collaboration is suitable for all estate sizes and can be retrofitted to seamlessly commission, integrate, and install. It’s vital for companies like EFT and Pulse Systems to innovate in the life safety industry. And with that, helping save more lives.   

What you need to know about this solution if you’re interested in learning more 

  • The power in real-time data – The system uses real-time data to enable companies to respond to callouts quickly and more accurately. Therefore, minimising site visits and because engineers are already aware of the problem, leads to less time spent on site 
  • Method of communication – Real-time alerts on faults can be sent through any method of communication e.g., SMS text, email, system alerts, etc. It’s entirely dependent on the business’ preferred method of communication  
  • The future of compliance reporting – No longer need to rely on 3rd party compliance reports as facilities teams can simply check the system and observe where the faults are 
  • Automate the process for smoother workflow – compliance tests can become automated to streamline workflow  
  • Fully managed service – Customer’s no longer need to report faults to the engineers as they will already be notified in real-time 
  • Retrofittable & customisable – Save time and money in the installation process and ensure the system works towards your buildings and businesses needs  
  • Short and long-term savings – More accurate and real-time information leads to fewer inaccuracies, losses, and complications which could cause financial harm  

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