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We are proudly part of the Sci-Tech Community based out of Sensor City’s Knowledge Quarter in the vibrant city of Liverpool.

We have built strong relationships with our local community. Our links with nearby Universities and our research capabilities gives us our edge in cutting edge sensor and allows us to control our development capabilities.



Sensor City, Russell Street, Liverpool, L3 5LJ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What security do your devices have in place?

Baseline 256bit Encryption on data in transit with restrictions on the use of immutable identifiers to when the device is joining a network at the request of the device owner. In addition, storage of private and protected information that has various levels of recommendations and requirements is also in place.

Why cant we just use bluetooth for device communications?

Over the years, the research community has uncovered and documented a wide range of security flaws in BLE devices. By far, the most prevalent hacks against BLE involve capturing handshakes, hard-coded keys and replay attacks. Bluetooth attacks are broken down into three basic categories:

Bluejacking – think of it as spam for mobile using nearby discoverable devices
Bluesnarfing – hacker uses software to request information from a device
Bluebugging – a takeover of a nearby device that is in discoverable mode

Bluetooth devices pair with a 4 digit PIN code, whereas our devices use PKI authentication.


Finally, Bluetooth devices cannot access remote update services directly and need to rely on their proprietry gateway for updates, Pulse devices have IPV6 end to end connectivity with PKI authentication to receive updates when necessary.

Do your devices operate on other Clouds?

Any manufacturer that produces OCF certified devices has full interoperability with Cloud intfrastructure that follows the defined API.

Can you work with any BMS platform?

Pulse work with the majority of BMS in the market. However if you have a requirement to work with a system we do not currently support, we will work with you to integrate it.

Do your systems work with all legacy protocols?

We support most of the common protocols for your legacy devices and will add new ones as they are requested.