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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of our actions on the environment, more businesses are looking for ways to operate more sustainably in the long run. This is especially true in the commercial real estate industry, where building owners and managers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while providing high-quality service to their tenants. 

One of the most promising solutions in this regard is the use of cloud-based building management systems (CB-BMS). These systems offer a range of benefits to building owners, managers, and tenants. This article will explore ways a CB-BMS can help transform commercial real estate and provide a sustainable business advantage.


Efficient Energy Management

CB-BMS can significantly enhance energy efficiency by providing instant data on a building’s energy use. This information allows building owners and their teams to detect inefficiencies and implement necessary adjustments (in real-time), thereby improving energy performance, reducing costs, and minimising the building’s environmental footprint. 

Moreover, CB-BMS offers remote management, enabling real estate teams to oversee their buildings from any location. The system can identify operational patterns, such as the most efficient times for lighting adjustments, facilitating the automation of routine tasks (for example, turning lights off/on). This streamlines workflows and allows operational staff to concentrate on more critical aspects of the business.

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Embracing Renewable Energy

To combat climate change, it’s crucial to significantly reduce our carbon production by nearly half by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and water are integral to this effort. They are sustainable, produce minimal to no greenhouse gases, and are increasingly contributing to energy production.

CB-BMS are pivotal in the transition to clean energy in commercial buildings. They can integrate with renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines, enabling building owners and managers to monitor, maintain, and regulate their building’s energy. This assists property management teams in achieving their sustainability goals, reducing their carbon footprint, and fostering eco-friendly operations.


Harnessing Automation and Enhancing Control

CB-BMS allow building managers to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and enhance tenant satisfaction by collecting and analysing data instantaneously. Automation, powered by this real-time data, can identify trends and cost-saving opportunities, boosting operational efficiency.

 Furthermore, CB-BMS offer enhanced control capabilities. They empower building owners and their teams to manage their buildings from any location, anytime, as long as they have Wi-Fi access. This provides them with a comprehensive overview of their operations across their building or entire estate without the need to be on-site. CB-BMS is an invaluable tool for those seeking a competitive edge in the commercial real estate industry.



  • Cloud-based building management systems offer a range of benefits to commercial real estate owners and partners looking to operate sustainably. 
  • From energy optimisation to eco-friendly operations, real-time data analysis, and control capabilities, these systems can help improve overall building performance while reducing costs and environmental impact.
  • By embracing this technology, building owners and managers can gain a sustainable business advantage and set themselves apart in a competitive marketplace.


Pulse Systems offers a cloud-based building management platform that enables commercial real estate managers and their teams to gain full visibility and control – to see everything and control everything in their building. Want to request a demo? Contact us below.

Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies

Pulse Systems | Managing Director